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WAN Optimization and High Speed Data Transfer

Achieve high-performance replication over extended distances with wide area network (WAN) optimization appliances. Gain the performance you need while reducing the total cost of your solution.

Aspera Product


Aspera offers a complete portfolio of client-server software solutions that enable individual users or automated business processes to access, manage, and move bulk file-data with the highest levels of performance when combined with high speed Symmetrix, CLARiiON, and Celerra Unified storage platforms.

Aspera maximizes efficiency and bandwidth investments through a patented protocol called fasp. fasp is specifically engineered to move bulk file data over distance. Aspera’s unique value proposition delivers fast, secure, reliable, and controllable access to file data over a metro, national, or global WAN.

Aspera enables user productivity and enterprise efficiency through client-server, client-storage, server-server, or storage-storage interactions, which can be an integral part of an adhoc or file-based workflow.

EMC Interoperability Environment
Aspera Enterprise Server CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
Aspera Connect Server CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
Aspera Client CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
Aspera Connect CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
Aspera Console CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS

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Ciena Product


Ciena is a network specialist. Their optical and Ethernet products are E-LAB qualified for metro and wide area connectivity for EMC Symmetrix, VPLEX, SRDF and the VNX family. Ciena collaborates with customers worldwide to unlock the strategic potential of their networks and fundamentally change the way they compete. With focused innovation, Ciena brings together the reliability and capacity of optical networking with the flexibility and economics of Ethernet, unified by a software suite that delivers best-in-class networks for BC/DR, Virtualization and Cloud.

EMC Interoperability Environment
4200, 6500, 5200 EMC SRDF, Symmetrix, VNX, Ionix, Data Domain, VPLEX Metro, VPLEX GEO

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Riverbed Product


Riverbed turns location and distance into a competitive advantage by allowing IT to have the flexibility to host applications and data in the most optimal locations while ensuring applications perform as expected. Data is always available when needed, and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users notice.

Riverbed SteelFusion
Riverbed SteelFusion is a converged infrastructure that eliminates the headache of branch office IT. SteelFusion converges servers, storage, and virtualization into a single branch appliance while centralizing data back to an EMC SAN and VSPEX Private Cloud infrastructure in the datacenter.

Riverbed SteelHead
Riverbed SteelHead appliances accelerate WAN performance for EMC replication and backup processes while reducing the costs and delays associated with WAN infrastructure upgrades. With Riverbed SteelHead, WAN performance is fast and predictable.

EMC Interoperability Environment
SteelHead CX, EX and XX50 series appliances EMC VMAX, VNX, SRDF, RecoverPoint, DataDomain, Isilon, SyncIQ
SteelCentral All EMC products
SteelFusion EMC Symmetrix VMAX, VNX, VNX2

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Silver Peak Product
Silver Peak

Silver Peak

Silver Peak Replication Acceleration
With Silver Peak's replication acceleration, customers can protect 20X more data over existing WAN infrastructures. This delivers the following strategic benefits:

  • Meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Improve the reliability of offsite replication
  • Increase geographic distances between data centers
  • Lower disaster recovery costs by over 60%

Silver Peak’s Replication Acceleration works with SRDF/A and can accelerate any other IP-based protocol. The solution is delivered as virtual software (VX series or the VRX series) or as a standalone appliance (NX series).

Global Management System (GMS)
A platform for the deployment, management, and monitoring of a Silver Peak-enabled WAN, GMS gives detailed visibility into WAN performance statistics, application analysis, and tools for the configuration and management of Silver Peak NX Series appliances.

EMC Interoperability Environment
VX, VRX, NX Appliances & Global Management System (GMS) EMC WAN-based replication solutions including EMC SRDF family

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