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Storage and Performance Management

Get more value out of your EMC storage solutions by combining them with EMC Select Technology Connect storage and performance management products.

Emulex Product

Northern Parklife

Northern is focused solely on User Data Management (UDM), enabling organizations to constrain data growth, align the value of data with the cost of storage, and extend the life of the storage infrastructure – making efficient storage consumption a part of business culture

Northern Storage Suite:

  • Provides insight into your storage environment, making you aware of what’s stored on your servers through reports and analysis
  • Reduces growth rate and thereby costs by implementing policies to control usage through limitations of the data amount and content
  • Helps you to be compliant by controlling vulnerable content and identifying unwanted data through data analysis and prevention of certain file types on your storage
  • Encourages efficient usage of data by involving the end users through customized user reporting and tools for handling their own data
EMC Interoperability Environment
Northern Storage Suite EMC VNX/Celerra products; Isilon, EMC CLARiiON products and EMC Symmetrix products when connected to Microsoft Windows hosts

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NTP Software
NTP Software QFS, NTP Software Storage M&A, NTP Software Storage Financials

NTP Software

NTP Software provides solutions for analysis, management, and movement of unstructured data in EMC VNX, Isilon, and Atmos environments. This solution provides customers with highly scalable enterprise-wide, policy-based control of unstructured data over any number of tiers.

Solutions include:

  • NTP Software QFS — Set enterprise policies on how much storage users and departments can use, what types of files can be stored on the network and where.
  • NTP Software File Reporter — Obtain detailed visibility into unstructured data storage at user, department and enterprise levels on EMC and competitive platforms.
  • NTP Software Precision Tiering — Provide for highly scalable data movement and retrieval between storage tiers in CIFS, NFS and Cloud environments.
  • NTP Software Smart Migration — Reduce time and effort migrating any CIFS to CIFS and NFS to NFS unstructured data.
EMC Interoperability Environment
NTP Software EMC VNX,Celerra, EMC Isilon, Atmos , CLARiiON EMC Symmetrix when connected to Microsoft Windows hosts

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Riverbed Product


Precise application performance management brings transparency to complex multi-tier systems, so users can quickly resolve today’s problems and make evidence-based plans to meet tomorrow’s performance needs. In addition to providing technical performance dashboards, Precise renders performance information across the stack for every business transaction, from user to storage, across physical and virtual environments, for all major packaged applications and custom application architectures.

Precise solutions include:

  • Precise for Database and Storage — Offers immediate time to value by connecting customer's business transactions with the database and storage resources being consumed.
  • Precise for Applications — Supplies a performance management platform that monitors, measures, analyzes, and tunes critical business systems from the end user (batch process, customer, partner, and employee) to the EMC storage array.
  • Precise Professional Services — For diagnosis and remedy of the toughest performance problems, and proof of concept engagements using Precise tools.
EMC Interoperability Environment
Precise Software EMC CLARiiON products; EMC Symmetrix products

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Virtual Instruments
Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom

Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform is a HW/SW solution that offers integration with ViPR SRM that provides dashboards and reports for monitoring mission critical, latency sensitive applications. Use cases include high performance SAN monitoring/troubleshooting, end to end protocol level visibility, chargeback with performance based SLA management and performance assurance in VPLEX environments.

Unparalleled Visibility

Comprehensive visibility—from the broadest to the most granular level—into system-wide performance and availability.

Responsive User Interface

VirtualWisdom’s web-based UI allows every team member to take action based on the same definitive insights, dynamically tapping into the right information at the right time.

True ROI

IT teams can finally align infrastructure spend to performance and demonstrate ROI to leadership and lines of business.

EMC Interoperability Environment
VirtualWisdom SolutionPack
SAN Availability Probe
SANInsight TAPs
SAN Performance Probe
Virtual Server Probe

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INITI ALL2SNMP Manager enables conversion and integration of management data into monitoring systems based on the Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP). This powerful solution excels when IT equipment has no embedded SNMP support, or no third-party intermediary exists between the equipment and the SNMP-based monitoring system.

Together with EMC Smarts IP Manager (part of the EMC Service Assurance Suite), ALL2SNMP can enable management of non-SNMP devices as well as the capture of performance data for further analysis.

ALL2SNMP also can integrate with EMC Smarts Optical Transport Manager, enabling root-cause analysis for transport and transmission networks while identifying cross-domain correlations with underlying IP networks.

In addition, third-party storage infrastructure can be supported by using ALL2SNMP with the EMC Storage Resource Management Suite and EMC ViPR.

EMC Interoperability Environment
INITI ALL2SNMP Manager EMC Service Assurance Suite
EMC Storage Resource Management Suite
EMC Smarts
EMC Watch4net

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