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Infrastructure Management

Optimize storage resources to achieve application service level and cost objectives using storage management built for the cloud. Transform existing heterogeneous storage into a simple, open, and extensible virtual storage platform.

ELAB validated
VSPEX validated

Brocade ICX IP switches are the foundation for connectivity in IP storage networks. They are designed for a wide range of EMC environments — enabling a low TCO and fast ROI. Brocade's data center switches provide a complete portfolio for EMC’s Data Center IP storage connectivity solutions. Models include the ICX 6430, 7250, 7450 and 7750 switches; offering enterprise functionality and stackable switching at an entry-level price. The Brocade 5600 virtual router offers networking functions like routing, firewall and VPN in software.

The Brocade virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) offers virtual Application Delivery Controller capabilities for software based network traffic management (IP Load Balancing, SSL Offload, Security, etc.).

The Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform (AMP) allows deep Fibre Channel network monitoring. It non-disruptively attaches to Brocade and EMC 16Gb FC platforms.

EMC Interoperability Environment
Brocade ICX EMC VNXe, VNX, Data Domain
Brocade vTM (Virtual Traffic Manager) EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, ECS, , VxRAIL, VxRACK, VPLEX
Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform (AMP) EMC VNXe, VNX, VMAX3
Brocade Vyatta Virtual Router EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, ECS, VxRAIL, VxRACK

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Emulex products include:

  • LightPulse® Fibre Channel HBA—4 Gb/s , 8 Gb/s, and 16Gb/s HBAs are installed in the server to provide Fibre Channel connectivity from the server to the storage area network (SAN). They are available in single-, dual-, and quad-channel options and are tested and qualified by EMC. Emulex HBAs are supported by a wide range of operating system environments including Microsoft Windows, Solaris, VMware, and Linux.
EMC Interoperability Environment
LightPulse HBAs EMC Celerra products, EMC CLARiiON products, EMC Ionix ControlCenter products, EMC PowerPath products, EMC Symmetrix products, VMware products

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VSPEX validated

Panduit provides validated physical infrastructures for all VSPEX reference architectures to ensure rapid deployment and optimum performance. Pre-configured, rack-ready solutions streamline the entire lifecycle with a single part number for quoting and procuring complete infrastructures (excluding active gear). Key benefits include significant time savings and reduced risk across the procurement, installation and upgrade process for the lowest TCO.

  • Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructures for VSPEX offer a range of solutions to support VSPEX reference architectures for Private Cloud and End User Computing. Includes:
    • VPSEX branded energy efficient cabinets
    • Pre-labeled fiber and copper connectivity bundles
    • Integrated grounding and bonding
    • Thermal and cable management
    • Model-kit assembly and port-mapped cabling instructions
  • VSPEX branded base cabinets - available for unique configurations
EMC Interoperability Environment
Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructure EMC VSPEX Infrastructure
EMC VNX and VNXe Series Storage
VSPEX Branded Cabinets EMC VSPEX Infrastructure
EMC VNX and VNXe Series Storage

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Specializing in high-performance networking—adapters, switches, and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips—QLogic's product portfolio enables strategic solutions for customers' critical data, storage, and server networking needs worldwide.

QLogic offers:

  • QLogic host bus adapters — Choose Fibre Channel or iSCSI implementations including single- and dual-port, 4Gb, 8Gb, and 16GbFibre Channel and dual-port, 1-Gb iSCSI.
  • Fibre Channel stackable switches — Prepare your infrastructure for tomorrow's requirements without paying for more today.
  • FCoE converged network adapters (CNAs) — Consolidate data networking of a network interface card (NIC) with storage networking of a Fibre Channel HBA onto a single 10-GbE Ethernet adapter. NIC Partitioning and QoS tools enable further infrastructure consolidation while maintaining best practices for virtualized environments.
  • QLogic storage routers — Provide multiprotocol routing, SAN-over-wide area network (WAN) extension, and data migration.
EMC Interoperability Environment
FC adapters EMC CLARiiON products, EMC Symmetrix products, EMC MirrorView, EMC SAN Copy; EMC Celerra products, CLARiiON iSCSI-capable arrays, EMC Connectrix products
FCoE converged network adapters  
Intelligent storage routers  
iSCSI adapters  
SANbox 5000 Series FC stackable switches  

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Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom is an App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management platform. It is a HW/SW solution that complements Dell EMC Products with real-time monitoring and performance-based correlation, analytics and intelligence, to ensure performance for mission critical, latency sensitive applications. Use cases include end-to-end IT Infrastructure monitoring, analytics-driven decision support and troubleshooting, and performance assurance for SLA adherence.

Comprehensive Visibility

From the broadest to the most granular level—confidently manage system-wide performance.

Analytics-Driven Decision Support

Enable every team member to take-action based on the same definitive insights, by dynamically exploring the right information at the right time.

True ROI

IT teams can finally align infrastructure spend to performance and demonstrate ROI to leadership and lines of business.

Dell EMC Interoperability Environment
VirtualWisdom UI and Performance-based analytics
SAN Availability Probe
SANInsight TAPs
SAN Performance Probe
Virtual Server Probe
SANInsight TAPs
VNX, Unity
VxBlock, Vblock

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