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Data Protection

Get more value out of your EMC data protection solutions by combining them with EMC Technology Connect software products.

CYA business continuity software from enChoice provides application-aware backup and recovery for EMC Documentum. CYA HOTBackup™ and CYA SmartRecovery™ eliminate Documentum downtime while safeguarding repository information from all forms of loss and corruption.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Protect against operational incidents - Restore granular objects in response to operational incidents while Documentum remains online; prevent further data loss by eliminating the need for a full system restore
  • Meet or exceed service levels: Integrate with enterprise backup solutions to meet stringent recovery point objectives and reduce data loss to 15 minutes.
  • Eliminate planned downtime: Automatehot, consistent backups of the Documentum platform which are stored in enterprise solutions
  • Facilitate compliance: Meet eDiscovery demands and regulatory requirements specifying data preservation
EMC Interoperability Environment

CYA HOTBackup™, CYA SmartRecovery™

EMC Documentum, EMC NetWorker, EMC Avamar, EMC Data Domain, EMC Centera

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Streamline Data Protection Suite Migrations

The Catalog Engine allows simplified migration to EMC Data Protection Suite, while maintaining access to legacy data without the need for the original backup software. The Catalog Engine searches, manages and restores tape data so legacy software can be retired.

The ability to index and search tapes also enables you to move sensitive content to an archive for legal and compliance needs and remediate the legacy tapes to recoup offsite storage fees.

The Catalog Engines supports:

  • Ingestion of IBM TSM, Veritas NetBackup, and Commvault catalogs.
  • Deep indexing of relevant backup tapes, making individual files and email searchable.
  • Discovery of relevant content based on metadata or keywords.
  • Extraction of any content, email databases, mailboxes, or files to disk or EMC ECS cloud storage.
  • Retirement of legacy backup software and maintenance costs.
EMC Interoperability Environment

Catalyst for Backup Management

Data Domain

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Iomart Backup as a Service Portal

iomart has partnered with EMC to offer its BaaS solution, based on their enterprise grade platforms, Avamar and Data Domain, and configured and managed through iomart’s proprietary web portal.

iomart’s Backup Portal provides a simple web based interface to Avamar systems. The Portal has been designed to be simple, allowing users to easily provision and manage backup jobs with minimal training.

In addition to simplicity, the Portal allows Avamar to be configured and managed as a multi tenanted Cloud backup solution. The portal uses all of the key advantages of Avamar and Data Domain, allowing granular/full backups and restores of mission critical apps.

  • Self-service recovery of files/folders/entire systems
  • Policy creation for datasets and retention
  • Backup usage statistics, history, and trends
  • Backup success and failure job status
  • Support for mission critical apps with agent deployment
EMC Interoperability Environment
Portal as a Service

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VSPEX validated

Ontrack PowerControls enables IT administrators to easily search and restore Exchange, SharePoint and SQL data - without having to restore the entire database. By eliminating the need to build a recovery server or restore an entire backup just to restore a few items, Ontrack PowerControls offers significant time and cost savings.

  • Search, preview, and restore a single table from a SQL database backup in seconds. No need to restore the entire database, saving hours of time in the process.
  • Restore individual messages, mailboxes, or entire EDB files from your Exchange backup environment directly to a production Exchange Server, another Exchange Server, or to a file system.
  • Restore individual items, lists, libraries, folders, entire sites, and site collections from your SharePoint Server backups
EMC Interoperability Environment
Ontrack PowerControls EMC Data Protection and Storage Products

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Northern is focused solely on User Data Management (UDM), enabling organizations to constrain data growth, align the value of data with the cost of storage, and extend the life of the storage infrastructure – making efficient storage consumption a part of business culture

Northern Storage Suite:

  • Provides insight into your storage environment, making you aware of what’s stored on your servers through reports and analysis
  • Reduces growth rate and thereby costs by implementing policies to control usage through limitations of the data amount and content
  • Helps you to be compliant by controlling vulnerable content and identifying unwanted data through data analysis and prevention of certain file types on your storage
  • Encourages efficient usage of data by involving the end users through customized user reporting and tools for handling their own data
EMC Interoperability Environment
Northern Storage Suite EMC VNX/Celerra products; Isilon, EMC CLARiiON products and EMC Symmetrix products when connected to Microsoft Windows hosts

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ViPR validated

NTP Software provides solutions for analysis, management, and movement of unstructured data in EMC VNX, Isilon, and Atmos environments. This solution provides customers with highly scalable enterprise-wide, policy-based control of unstructured data over any number of tiers.

Solutions include:

  • NTP Software VFM — Provide for highly scalable data movement and retrieval between storage tiers in CIFS, NFS and Cloud environments.
  • NTP Software QFS — Set enterprise policies on how much storage users and departments can use, what types of files can be stored on the network and where.
  • NTP Software File Reporter — Obtain detailed visibility into unstructured data storage at user, department and enterprise levels on EMC and competitive platforms.
  • NTP Software File Auditor — Monitor your data assets and gain an immediate view of who is accessing what documents across your entire business.
EMC Interoperability Environment
NTP Software EMC VNX, EMC Celerra, EMC Isilon, EMC Atmos, EMC CLARiiON, EMC Symmetrix when connected to Microsoft Windows hosts

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Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Spanning by EMC is a trusted provider of data protection solutions for SaaS applications. It’s suite of products helps organizations meet compliance requirements and protect against data loss caused by user error, malicious behavior, misconfigurations and integrations.

  • Spanning Backup for Office 365: - Automated backup and restore for Mail, Calendars and OneDrive (Q216)
  • Spanning Backup for Salesforce: - Automated backup and restore for Salesforce.com and Force.com data, files and customizations
  • Spanning Backup for Google Apps: - Automated backup and restore for Gmail, Drive, Calendars, Contacts and Sites
  • Enterprise-grade security: - SSAE 16 SOC 2; HIPAA, full data encryption at rest & in transit.

Spanning Backup is a subscription-based service that installs in minutes and empowers rapid restores by admins and end users.

EMC Interoperability Environment
Spanning Backup for Google Apps -                
Spanning Backup for Salesforce -                
Spanning Backup for Office 365 -                

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Spectra libraries unleash the true potential of tape offering the greatest scalability and the best TCO of any tape solution.

TFinity, T950, T680, T380, and T200—Enterprise Tape Libraries
Spectra Enterprise Libraries seamlessly scale to the largest data storage system on the planet. They have industry leading density, lowest power consumption, and an intuitive user interface that is the same across all product lines.

T120 and T50e—Midrange libraries designed to safeguard your data
The Spectra T120 and T50e are the only midrange libraries on the market that utilize the same interface and advanced feature set as their enterprise counterparts.

EMC Interoperability Environment

Spectra TFinity, T950, T680, T380, T200, T120, T50e

EMC Connectrix, EMC VNX, EMC NetWorker

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