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EMC Technology Connect – Select


Content Management

Improve the management of files by combining EMC content management solutions with EMC Select Technology Connect products.

Provides a comprehensive drawing management system integrated with Documentum and EMC's Engineering Plant and Facilities Management (EPFM) solution:

  • Manages drawings and their linked files (other drawings, raster files ('hybrids') office documents and any other format document) as one entity
  • Synchronizes the title block of the drawing with the metadata stored in Documentum/EPFM
  • Reuses components stored in Documentum / EPFM
  • Generates PDF/ TIF renditions on demand using the native CAD drivers to give the best results
  • After the bulk loading of drawings, connections between the master drawings and their linked files are generated automatically
  • It is seamlessly integrated with various CAD systems, giving the CAD users all the benefits of Documentum/EPFM within their familiar working environment
EMC Interoperability Environment

Documentum Drawing Management

EPFM Drawing Management

EMC Documentum

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PdfOptimizer for InputAccel creates compact, searchable, and web-friendly PDF files. The software compresses typical black and white image files by a factor of five to ten times and color image files by a factor of ten to 100 times.

PdfOptimizer makes scanned images more efficient to transmit, quicker to access, cheaper to store, and easier to search and archive. In addition, PdfOptimizer can make documents searchable with its powerful optical character recognition (OCR) option.

Intelligent preprocessing makes the OCR module both fast and accurate—in fact two to three times faster than the competition, giving you the same OCR accuracy without the need to deploy dedicated servers for the OCR process. With PdfOptimizer, customers can compress, web-optimize, search, stamp, and encrypt—all in one step.

EMC Interoperability Environment


EMC Captiva InputAccel, EMC Documentum Content Server

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The euroscript Documentum Report Generator is an EMC certified powerful add-on to help you generate custom reports in a variety of formats. Access real-time data and a wide range of reports and let your employees make decisions based on up-to-date information that helps drive business success.

End-users can request reports from predefined report definitions. They can see the reports displayed on their computer screen or receive reports automatically in their e-mail or at a specified location inside or outside the Documentum repository. The preferred format can be chosen by the end-user, without the end-user needing any knowledge about DQL, HTML or XSL.

EMC Interoperability Environment

enhanced Documentum Report Generator (eDRG)

Documentum Webtop, Documentum Administrator, Documentum xCP TaskSpace version Documentum 6.0 and higher including 6.7, Documentum D2-client versions 2.6 and 3.0, Documentum D2 4.0

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ImageTrust is a web-based scanning software solution built on Java, leveraging state of the art technology. ImageTrust can work as a traditional batch scanning solution or enable any line of business application (i.e. Documentum, Lombardi) for transactional scanning. With ImageTrust you have the ability to scan documents anywhere on the globe and send those images to a central site for further processing with Captiva (i.e. Advanced Recognition), utilizing either small desktop scanners or high volume production scanners. ImageTrust provides the following functionality:

  • Scan-enable iPhone and iPad devices
  • Web-based Production Level Scanning & Indexing Solution (supports scanners with speeds up to 200 ppm)
  • Client side OCR
  • Drag & Drop of electronic documents
  • Runs on Windows & Linux
EMC Interoperability Environment


Captiva, Documentum, EMC OnDemand

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Brava! for EMC Documentum delivers content viewing and annotation for hundreds of image, office, and engineering formats including PDFs.

This universal viewer provides an easy way to work with and collaborate on documents while still maintaining the security of the documents. Users only need a web browser to access files. No desktop installations are needed on the client machine. Brava helps reduce desktop software and maintenance costs.

Brava supports virtually any format, including Microsoft Office, image and even CAD formats, making it ideal for any industry. It is highly customizable and fits easily into any environment or workflow. Brava helps reduce desktop software and maintenance costs.

EMC Interoperability Environment

Brava for D2, Brava for EMC Documentum Capital Projects

EMC Documentum products

Brava for EMC Documentum Asset Operations  
Brava for Webtop, Brava for TaskSpace, Redact-It Enterprise, Blazon Enterprise  

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Reveille Software provides ECM-specific application and real-user monitoring for EMC Documentum, Captiva and Document Sciences xPression.

Key features include:

  • Real-time monitoring of user experience and application components and processes
  • Configurable dashboards and reports for visibility into application performance
  • Automatic alerts, diagnostics and repair of problem conditions
  • Objective, measurable service-level data, ensuring compliance with SLAs

Reveille Software offers:

  • Reveille for Documentum: Automated application monitoring with out-of-the-box Documentum tests,Documentum-specific service-level metrics, and real-timemonitoring of end-user transactions.
  • Reveille for Captiva: Pre-configuredInputAccel wizardsenable rapid creation of process monitors, and testing ofInputAccel server capture process for batches, tasks and workflow exceptions.
  • Reveille for xPression: Functional testing of xPression document generation processes and real-user monitoring of interactive document generation and design processes.
EMC Interoperability Environment

Reveille Solutions

EMC Captiva InputAccel, EMC Documentum products

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