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High-end servers that address extreme customer demands and compliment the Dell EMC lineup.

Bull bullion™ is a complete range of scale-up x86 servers for mission-critical and high-performance applications. The server architecture scales up to 16 CPUs and supports an exceptional memory capacity of up to 24TB. The bullion server’s superior scalability makes it the ideal scale-up platform for very large big data application, in-memory and real-time workloads, e.g. data analytics and SAP HANA. Dell EMC software, compute and storage solutions customers can add bullion servers to their data centers to maximize scalability for enterprise workloads.

Bullion offers:

  • Improves business productivity and IT efficiency by its ultra-flexible modular architecture
  • Optimize operation by leveraging one consistent compute building block
  • eliminates cabling and simplifies datacenter operations
  • SAP certified for very large SAP HANA configurations - up to 16 CPUs and 16 TB of data

Various bullion appliances are available for: SAP HANA workloads, databases, security information and event management, and Real-time analytics and data lakes.

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bullion S4, bullion S8 and bullion S16 Dell EMC storage

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