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Get more value out of your EMC cloud and virtualization solutions by combining them with EMC Select Technology Connect software products.

Puppet is a configuration management solution that allows you to define the state of your IT infrastructure, and then automatically enforces the desired state. Puppet automates every step of the software delivery process, from provisioning, orchestration, and reporting to early-stage code development, testing, and production release.

Automate Your Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Environment

Organizations use Puppet Enterprise to automate change regardless of where the workload is placed, giving EMC customers greater agility and choice when delivering applications to users.


  • Visibility into the state of the system
  • Proactive and automated remediation of issues
  • Improved efficiency in performing maintenance
  • Complete auditability to satisfy compliance requirements
  • Change management policy enforcement
  • Consistent application blueprints for faster application development
EMC Interoperability Environment
Puppet Enterprise 3.8 and later EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

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ViPR validated

Syncplicity is an easy to use, secure file sync, sharing and collaboration solution for businesses.

We provide:

  • A consumer-grade user experience that gives users seamless access to all their files with no extra steps.
  • Strong IT controls and admin features that allow them to secure corporate data by being as restrictive or permissive as they want.
  • Flexibility and control over the storage layer so organizations can meet or exceed requirements for compliance or data residency.
EMC Interoperability Environment

Syncplicity Enterprise Edition

EMC Isilon, EMC Atmos, Documentum

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VSPEX validated

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager provides disaster recovery management and automation for VMware infrastructure. vCenter Site Recovery Manager integrates with EMC storage replication software to make failover and recovery rapid, reliable, affordable, and manageable. This enables you to take the risk of disaster recovery while expanding protection to your infrastructure.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager and EMC enable users to:

  • Accelerate recovery by automating execution of failover.
  • Simplify the creation and management of recovery plans by making disaster recovery an integrated element of managing your virtualized environment.
  • Improve the reliability of recovery plans by eliminating complex manual recovery steps and enabling nondisruptive testing of recovery plans.
  • Improve compliance with disaster recovery documentation and testing requirements.
EMC Interoperability Environment
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager EMC Celerra Replicator, EMC MirrorView, EMC RecoverPoint, EMC SRDF

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