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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Minimize exposure to data loss from disasters and ensure that applications and data are available during planned and unplanned outages.

Axxana Product


Axxana addresses the biggest challenge in data protection: recovering data over any distance and with zero data loss. The innovative solution that Axxana developed, Phoenix System®, enables full disaster recovery with no data loss over any distance, while using any type of communication lines, and achieving significant bandwidth savings over traditional solutions. The first product, Phoenix System RP, developed in conjunction with EMC and available through the EMC Technology Connect Program, connects with EMC RecoverPoint, enabling 100% disaster recovery for most of EMC’s storage families.


  • Data protection for mission critical application
  • Synchronous replication benefits using IP lines over any distance
  • Zero data loss & zero transactions loss with minimum RTO
  • Data protection during WAN link failure
EMC Interoperability Environment
Axxana Phoenix System® RP EMC VMAX, VPLEX, VNX  and Vblock Systems

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SunGard Availability Services

SunGard Storage Replication Service uses EMC RecoverPoint/SE for a comprehensive, cost-effective data replication and disaster recovery solution to achieve fast, reliable recovery in hours—or even minutes. Data is continuously replicated to a secure SunGard recovery center, which reduces transactional losses and expedites recovery. The service utilizes EMC RecoverPoint/SE local and remote replication solution to host an organization's replicated EMC CLARiiON storage system information at a secure SunGard location.

Secure2Disk Backup and Recovery Solution for use with EMC Data Domain offers an economical path for upgrading from tape to disk, allowing organizations to achieve faster backups and reliable off-site recovery within 24 hours or less. This online, disk-based solution combines industry-leading EMC Data Domain inline deduplication technology with the renowned reliability of SunGard's Recovery Services to help organizations reduce business risk and minimize downtime and data loss.

EMC Interoperability Environment

SunGard Storage Replication service

Secure2Disk Backup and Recovery Solution

EMC CLARiiON, EMC RecoverPoint/SE

EMC Data Domain Systems

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