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Get more value out of your backup, recovery, and archiving solutions by combining them with EMC Select Technology Connect software products.

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Actiance allows organizations to control, monitor, and capture real-time communications using SourceOne as the single on-premise repository for all their data.

The Actiance solution is comprised of two complementary products:

Vantage - controls, monitors and captures unified communications, public IM, collaboration enterprise social software, community networks and corporate devices.

Socialite - controls, monitors and captures social conversations and actions across the main external social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The joint solution offers the following benefits:

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory, legal and corporate polices for all communications channels
  • Archive and easily review social and real-time communications
  • Save time and money on regulatory audits, eDiscovery and internal investigations
  • Use SourceOne as a single on-premise repository for all data sources
EMC Interoperability Environment

Actiance Vantage

EMC SourceOne

Actiance Solialite

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Manage Centera Migrate Centera


Manage Centera data and migrate to Isilon, VNX, Data Domain, or another Centera with DobiMiner®, our premier data management and migration software. DobiMiner tackles the toughest challenges regardless of your data’s size or complexity.


  • Compare – protects against data loss so data remains safe
  • Retention – keeps you compliant and safeguards against legal/audit trouble
  • Chargeback – delivers visibility, streamlines chargeback, and eliminates overhead
  • Trending – tracks and optimizes capacity use for unmatched ROI


  • Fast – deploys proprietary data pumping technology
  • Non-disruptive – maximizes productivity during planned outages
  • Predictable – enables detailed planning for flawless execution
  • Flexible – allows for inevitable changes in business priorities
  • Transparent – makes reporting and troubleshooting second nature
  • Easy to use – simplifies monitoring with powerful GUI
EMC Interoperability Environment
DobiMiner Centera, Isilon, VNX, Data Domain

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Kroll Ontrack Product
Kroll Ontrack

Kroll Ontrack

Ontrack PowerControls enables IT administrators to easily search and restore Exchange, SharePoint and SQL data - without having to restore the entire database. By eliminating the need to build a recovery server or restore an entire backup just to restore a few items, Ontrack PowerControls offers significant time and cost savings.

  • Search, preview, and restore a single table from a SQL database backup in seconds. No need to restore the entire database, saving hours of time in the process.
  • Restore individual messages, mailboxes, or entire EDB files from your Exchange backup environment directly to a production Exchange Server, another Exchange Server, or to a file system.
  • Restore individual items, lists, libraries, folders, entire sites, and site collections from your SharePoint Server backups
EMC Interoperability Environment
Ontrack PowerControls EMC NetWorker, EMC Avamar, EMC Replication Manager, EMC AppSync, EMC storage platforms, EMC TimeFinder

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Storfirst Gateway & Migration
manage migrations from legacy storage. Provides native CIFS or NFS support of new storage platforms. Storfirst is the original enterprise cloud storage gateway and the first software to provide a seamless transition to cloud-as-a-tier storage. Storfirst solutions have built-in data migration and automated storage tiering. These products are installed on a physical or virtual Windows server between applications and storage platform.

Storfirst Back-up
is simple, affordable software for replication and recovery. It’s the only EMC purpose-built replication solution. Storfirst is secure, reliable and designed for disaster recovery using EMC Centera or Atmos CAS. It runs on a physical or virtual Windows-based server that communicates over LAN or WAN. Storfirst automates replication and provides restore tasks to and from tape library, VTL or cloud.

EMC Interoperability Environment
Seven10 Storfirst Gateway and Storfirst Migration Atmos, Centera, Data Domain, VNX, VNXe, Isilon, and tape/VTL
Seven10 Storfirst Back-up Centera and Atmos CAS

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Spectra Logic
Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic

Spectra libraries will lower storage management costs, reduce risk, and protect your investment.

T-Finity and T950—Intelligent Enterprise Storage
SpectraT-Finity and T950 set a new benchmark in library design with intelligent features that offer highly flexible hardware architecture and an evolutionary management interface.

T200, T380, and T680 Mid Range Libraries—Designed for Growth and Scalability
The Spectra mid-range libraries are engineered to preserve your initial investment. We use components that are interchangeable among the T200 through T-Finity libraries, allowing you to seamlessly transfer parts between libraries as your organization grows.

T120 and T50e—Affordable Storage Without Compromise
The Spectra T120 and T50e offer enterprise-class features with proven reliability in a solution that gives you the confidence to let your backups run without constant attention.

EMC Interoperability Environment

Spectra T-Finity, T950, T680, T380, T200, T120, T50e

EMC Connectrix, EMC VNX, EMC NetWorker

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Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Spanning is a trusted data protection provider for enterprises that use cloud applications. Spanning Backup is a top-rated backup and recovery solution for Google Apps that protects customer data with world-class security, provides rapid, accurate data recovery, and offers unparalleled customer experience in the industry.

These features make data protection as effortless as possible:

  • Protection and recovery of Google Apps - Including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, and Contacts.
  • Industry-leading security credentials - Only provider in the industry to achieve SSAE 16 Type II certification.
  • User-friendly product - Installs in less than a minute and recovering lost files is so easy, end users can do it themselves.
  • Complete control - Recover any version of one file, several, or all of them with file structure, metadata, and sharing settings intact.
EMC Interoperability Environment
Spanning Backup for Google Apps -                

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