Data Mobility: Change the ViPR Virtual Array in a VPLEX Environment

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About the Change Virtual Array service

ViPR includes several features that allow data center administrators to tightly control data mobility in a VPLEX environment. This article describes the Change Virtual Array service in the ViPR service catalog. This service allows you to manage both the location of the VPLEX virtual volume and the underlying physical storage.

The Change Virtual Array service allows you to perform the following operations:
  • Move a VPLEX virtual volume from one VPLEX cluster to another.
  • Reassign the VPLEX virtual volume's ViPR virtual array to a different virtual array.
  • Change the back end physical storage volume on which VPLEX virtual volume is based to another physical storage volume assigned to the new virtual array.
  • Move the data on the original physical storage volume to the new storage volume.

EMC ViPR version

This article pertains to ViPR version 1.1 and later.

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Use ViPR to change the virtual array used in a VPLEX Metro configuration

The ViPR Change Virtual Array service is designed to change the virtual array used in a VPLEX environment.

Before you begin

  • This operation requires the System Administrator role in ViPR.
  • This service is only supported in a VPLEX Metro configuration, on local virtual volumes that have not been exported to a host.
  • The new block storage volume is created from the same virtual pool as the original block storage volume. Therefore the new virtual array being chosen must be configured with the same virtual pool as the original virtual array that was used for the VPLEX virtual volume.


  1. Select Service Catalog > Block Storage Services > Change Virtual Array.
  2. Select the project to which the volume belongs.
  3. Select the volume to move.
  4. Select the target virtual array; the virtual array to which the volume will be moved.
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Understanding how changing the virtual array in ViPR changes the VPLEX environment

In a VPLEX configuration, each VPLEX cluster exists on a different virtual array. When a new virtual array is selected for a VPLEX local virtual volume, the local virtual volume is moved from the cluster on the original virtual array to the cluster on the selected virtual array, and a new back end storage volume is created on the selected virtual array for the virtual volume.

In the following image:
  • The VPLEX is configured with Cluster 1 on Virtual Array A, and Cluster 2 on Virtual Array Z.
  • The back end storage for VPLEX Virtual Volume A, on Cluster 1 is configured from VMAX A.2, which is part of Virtual Array A.

Initial setup with Virtual Array A

In the next image the virtual array for VPLEX Virtual Volume A is changed to Virtual Array Z.

Change to Virtual Array Z

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Supported VPLEX versions

The VPLEX software supported by ViPR 1.1 is listed below.