ViPR 2.2 - Add Compute Images

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ViPR system administrators can learn the ViPR configuration requirements for compute images, and how to add compute images to ViPR.

Compute Images are operating system (OS) installation files (ISO images) that ViPR uses to deploy operating systems on Vblock compute elements that have been registered to ViPR. If ViPR is used to provisionESX clusters, ViPR can also be used to add the cluster to a vCenter datacenter that has been registered to ViPR.

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ViPR configuration requirements for compute images

Support requirements

See the ViPRSupport Matrix on the EMC Community Network ( for the operating system versions supported by ViPR.

Configuration requirements

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Add Compute Images


  1. Go to the Physical Assets > Compute Images page.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Complete the following fields.
    Option Description
    Name The installation file name that will be seen by ViPR users when selecting the OS installation file to use for a service operation.
    Image URL The URL location where the image file was added. If a user name and password are required to access the site, specify them in the URL.
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