ViPR 2.1 - Upgrade EMC ViPR software from an internal repository

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Upgrade EMC ViPR from an internal repository

Normally you upgrade EMC ViPR from an EMC-based repository, but you can upgrade from an internal location by first downloading the ViPR Offline Upgrade img file from and copying it to the ViPR virtual appliance.

Before you begin

  • This operation requires the System Administrator role in ViPR.
  • You need credentials to access


  1. Download the ViPR Offline Upgrade img file from and save it locally on the system where you are running viprcli.
  2. Run the following ViPR CLI command:
    viprcli -hostname ViPR_virtual_ip -cf cookie_file system upload -imagefile locally_saved_img
    This command copies the img file to a location on the ViPR virtual appliance where it will be found by the upgrade feature.
    The EMC ViPR CLI Reference describes the ViPR CLI in detail.
  3. In the ViPR UI, select Settings > Upgrade.
  4. Select Install next to the version that you uploaded with the viprcli command.