ViPR 2.2 - Upgrade EMC ViPR to version 2.2

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Upgrade to EMC ViPR 2.2

This article describes how to upgrade to EMC ViPR 2.2.

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Supported upgrade paths

Supported upgrade paths are listed in the EMC ViPR 2.2 Controller Release Notes.

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Pre-upgrade planning

Some pre-upgrade steps are required and you should prepare for ViPR to be unavailable for a period of time.

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Upgrade procedure

You can download and install new versions of ViPR software from the Settings > Upgrade page.

Before you begin


  1. Select Settings > Upgrade.
  2. Select an available ViPR version and Download.
    The downloaded software is stored on the VM and can be installed at anytime.
  3. In the Software Versions list, click Install next to the version that you want to upgrade to.
    A rolling upgrade is performed on the ViPR VMs.
    The System Maintenance page opens while installation is in progess, and shows you the current state of the upgrade process.
    Wait for the system state to be Stable before making provisioning or data requests.

After you finish

Note the following about ViPR after an upgrade:

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