ViPR SRM 3.7 – Use Column Thresholds as Visual Cues in Table Reports

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Threshold features

Understand the column threshold features available for table reports in ViPR SRM. Learn how to view current threshold settings, change those settings, and add new thresholds. Learn about the custom threshold type.

ViPR SRM uses threshold settings to apply visual cues on values that fall within defined ranges. The visual cues are for informational purposes only. They do not have any other effects in the ViPR SRM reporting system. The visual cues can enhance your interpretation of the metrics. For example, they can:

  • Help you classify the data
  • Draw attention to high or low values
  • Provide reassurance that connections or availability are working
  • Provide additional information useful in your working environment

Some reports come with predefined thresholds. You can edit existing threshold boundaries and threshold types, add new thresholds, and delete thresholds.

Threshold definition

The following report contains metrics that fall within the boundary settings of defined thresholds, causing the visual cues to appear.

CPU Utilization report with threshold visual cues

Example ViPR SRM Report with Thresholds

Thresholds define ranges of values. A threshold setting defines the lower boundary for a range. The upper boundary is defined by the next value in the threshold sequence. The border value is claimed by the highest severity level.

For example, the following figure shows the thresholds defined for a column.

informational message showing three thresholds

Example thresholds

Those threshold settings result in the following ranges for applying visual cues:

Threshold visual cues

The visual cues are associated with the threshold type, as follows:

Threshold Type Visual Cue
Critical red x
Major orange minus
Minor yellow exclamation
Normal green circle with check mark
Informational blue square with letter i
Unknown grey circle with question mark
Custom Uses the same icon and severity level as the threshold defined immediately before it in the progression of threshold ranges, starting at minus Infinity and increasing. You can customize the icon color.

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View, add, and change thresholds (video content)

You can view the current threshold settings on a column in BROWSE MODE. To add, change, or delete thresholds, switch to EDIT MODE.

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Use a custom threshold

You can define a custom threshold type.

In EDIT MODE, when you are defining a new threshold, you can select a type of custom. A custom threshold has these attributes:


Suppose you define thresholds on a column, as shown in the following table. The third and fourth columns show the resulting ranges for those thresholds.

To illustrate how the severity assignments affect the ranges, suppose you have slightly different threshold definitions, like those shown in the following table.

Color customization

To choose the icon color for a custom threshold type, click the color patch next to the threshold definition. Use the color slide to choose the general color. Then click in the color map and move the cursor to fine-tune the shade.

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