ViPR SRM 3.6 – SolutionPack for IBM DS Summary Sheet

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Learn how to install and configure the SolutionPack for IBM DS. The SolutionPack for IBM DS enables you to generate real-time and historical reports and access capacity, performance, and inventory details about your IBM DS systems.

SolutionPack for IMB DS

SolutionPack for IBM DS

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Technical Specifications

Main reports

Total read and write requests per system
Throughput (/s)
Throughput of Read and Write operations for all systems
Subsystems Summary
Drill-down summary that contains key indicators such as the Controllers Ips, Drive count, Logical Drive count, Array count, Raw Capacity, Configured Usable, Unconfigured, Free Capacity and Used Capacity for all Subsystems
Total count of all Drives, Controllers, Logical Drives and Ports for all Subsystems
Arrays Utilization forecast
Key indicators such as Parity Group Name, Capacity, Free Capacity and Used Capacity

Supported collection interfaces

For information about supported collection interfaces, refer to the ViPR SRM Support Matrix.

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Where to find the latest SolutionPack software

Install the latest core software update for your product suite. SolutionPacks distributed with core software have a 30-day free evaluation period. If you plan to use the software longer than 30 days, you must install a SolutionPack license before the trial period ends.

This 30-day free evaluation only applies to new installations and is not available for upgraded installations. If you upgrade the core software and want to try a new SolutionPack, you must request a license for that SolutionPack.

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Preparing your IBM DS system for discovery and data collection

Identify the information required to support resource discovery and data collection before installing the SolutionPack for IBM DS.

ViPR SRM communicates with the IBM CIM/SMI-S provider that queries the storage array.


  1. Depending on your IBM DS model, do one of the following:
    • IBM DS 3K/4K/5K models: Manually install and configure the IBM CIM/SMI-S provider on a management server.
    • IBM DS 6K/8K models: The CIM/SMI-S provider is built into the Hardware Management Console (HMC).
      Note Image
      Ensure that the CIM agent is enabled, as it was disabled by default in releases prior to Release 4, Bundle

  2. Identify the CIM username and password used to access the array.
  3. Record this information for use when you install the SolutionPack.
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Installing the SolutionPack

After you log in as an administrator, you can install a SolutionPack from Centralized Management.


  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click Centralized Management.
  3. Click SolutionPacks.
  4. Click SolutionPack Center.
  5. Select the SolutionPack in the Browse and Install SolutionPacks window.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Type the instance name.
  8. Assign a server for each component.
    In a typical four server deployment, the recommended servers are selected automatically.
  9. Click Next.
    The window displays data collection details.
  10. From the Data collection drop-down menu, select existing settings that have been specified for other components, or select Add a new data collection.
    If you select Add a new data collection, type information about the data collection. In Hostname or IP address to send data to, use localhost on port 2020, which is the Collector host where the Load Balancer Connector is installed.
  11. Select Use advanced settings to configure polling settings.
  12. Click Next.
    The window displays reports settings.
  13. In Administration Web-Service Instance, select an existing instance or create a custom instance.
  14. Click Install.
  15. Click Ok when the installation is complete.
  16. Click Discovery Center > Devices Management.
  17. Click IBM DS.
  18. Click Add new device.
  19. Select the server and collector instance where you want to store the configuration details for this device, and then enter the hostname or IP address of the host, supply the login credentials, and specify the appropriate configuration settings.
  20. Click Test to validate the credentials.
  21. Click OK.
  22. Click Save.
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Confirming report creation

After you install a SolutionPack, you can view its reports.

To view the reports:


  1. Go to User Interface > Report Library.
  2. Click the SolutionPack to view its reports.


It may take up to an hour to display all relevant information in these reports.

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