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This article explains how to install and configure the SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO. The SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO collects capacity, inventory, and performance data from ScaleIO REST Gateways and displays the data in easy-to-use reports within ViPR SRM. Capacity reports provide details on free capacity, used capacity, and spare capacity at system level. Capacity reports per storage pools, per data servers, per drive, and per protection domain levels provides details on free capacity and used capacity. Inventory reports provide details on the data servers, data clients, storage pools, protection domains, and drive components. Performance reports provide detailed ScaleIO performance metrics.

This article applies to EMC ViPR SRM version 3.5.1.. The SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO is only avaiiable in ViPR SRM3.5.1 and higher.

SolutionPack sample

SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO

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Technical Specifications

SolutionPack version

Compatible ViPR SRM version

Polled metrics

Main reports

Overview dashboard.
Protection Domain Summary
Reports protection domain inventory information.
Storage Pool Summary
Reports storage pool inventory information.
ScaleIO Data Server Summary
Reports ScaleIO Data Server inventory information.
Volume Summary
Reports Volumes inventory information.
SDC Summary
Reports SDC inventory information.
Performance Summary
Overview Dashboard.
Reports read and write requests IOPS per ScaleIO Data Server.
IOPS per Storage Pool
Reports read and write requests IOPS per Storage Pool.
IOPS per Protection Domain
Reports read and write requests IOPS per Protection Domain.
IOPS per Drive
Reports read and write requests IOPS per ScaleIO Drive.
Capacity Summary
Overview Dashboard.
Capacity Per SDS
Reports Free Capacity and Used Capacity information per ScaleIO Date Server.
Capacity Per Storage Pool
Reports Free Capacity and Used Capacity information per Storage Pool.
Capacity Per Protection Domain
Reports Free Capacity and Used Capacity information per Protection Domain.
Capacity Per Drive
Reports Free Capacity and Used Capacity information per Drive.
Capacity Per Volume
Reports total capacity per Volume.

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Installing the SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO

After you log in as an administrator, you can install a SolutionPack from Centralized Management.

Before you begin

  • Core modules must be up-to-date in all servers because not all module dependencies are validated during the SolutionPack installation or update process.


  1. Log in.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click Centralized Management.
  4. Click SolutionPacks.
  5. Select SolutionPack Center.
  6. Select the SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO in the Browse and Install SolutionPacks screen.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Type the instance name.
  9. Assign a server for each component.
    In a typical four server deployment, the components are assigned as shown below:
    • Data collection - Collector
    • Reports - Front End
  10. Click Next.
  11. In the Data collection window, click click to show the devices questions.
  12. In ScaleIO REST Gateway IP or hostname, enter the IP Address, name, or FQDN of the ScaleIO REST Gateway host to be configured.
  13. In ScaleIO username, enter the username for the ScaleIO REST Gateway.
  14. In ScaleIO password, enter the password to access the ScaleIO REST Gateway.
  15. Click Next.
  16. Click Install.
  17. After installation is complete, select Centralized Management > SolutionPack to verify the installed SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO.

After you finish

After installing or updating a SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO, new data will not be available for three polling cycles. The data is available to the UI every hour with the Property Store task. This task can be run earlier, if desired, by selecting property-store/Default/import-properties.task found in the Centralized Management.