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This article explains how to install and configure the SolutionPack for EMC Centera. The SolutionPack accesses the inventory of the Centera storage system and generates reports on usage capacity for pools and nodes, pool file counts, and c-clip counts.

This article applies to EMC ViPR SRM version 3.5.1.

SolutionPack sample

SolutionPack for EMC Centera

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Technical specification

SolutionPack version


Compatible ViPR SRM version


Supported systems

Data collection methods

Main reports

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Preparing EMC Centera for discovery and data collection

To enable discovery and data collection for EMC Centera, install a supported version of Centera CLI software on the ViPR SRM Collector host.


  1. Identify the ViPR SRM Collector host where you will install the EMC Centera Viewer CLI software.
  2. Install a supported version of the EMC Centera Viewer CLI on the Collector host.
    The EMC Centera Viewer CLI is currently supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. EMC ViPR SRM Support Matrix provides the specific version of Centera CLI software required and supported Collector host operating systems.
  3. Identify the username (with monitor role enabled) and password.
  4. Record this information. You need it to install the SolutionPack.


As you install the SolutionPack for EMC Centera, the installation program will prompt you to provide the location of the CenteraViewer.jar file.

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Installing the SolutionPack

Before you begin

  • Ensure that EMC Centera CLI is installed and configured on the Collector host. EMC Centera CLI is available on EMC Support Center (
    Note Image
    Centera Collector-Manager is supported on Windows 2008.
  • Do a package synchronization after you register the Windows VM with the base vApp. From Centralized Management, click > Package Management and then > Synchronization. Check > retrieve the lastest package and click > Ok.
  • ViPR SRM core modules must be up-to-date in all servers because only some module dependencies are validated during the SolutionPack installation or update process.


  1. Log in.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click Centralized Management.
  4. Click SolutionPacks.
  5. Select SolutionPack Center.
  6. Select SolutionPack for EMC Centera on the Browse and Install SolutionPacks screen.
  7. Click Install.
    The steps below assume a typical four VM deployment.
  8. In the EMC Centera Collector field of the Select the components to install window, select the Collector host.
  9. In the Reports field, select the Frontend host.
  10. Click Next.
  11. In the Select the components to install window, make a selection in the Data collection field.
    If you select Add a new data collection, type information about the data collection. In > Hostname or IP address to send data, type localhost.
  12. Leave Enable alerting on data collected checked.
  13. Select an item in the Alerting on data collection field.
    If you select Make a new Alerting on data collection, type information for the new alerting configuration. In the > Alerting Backend the hostname or IP address field, select the Primary Backend host.
  14. Select an item in the EMC Centera specific configuration field. If you select Add a new EMC Centera specific configuration:
    1. In the Path to the Centera Viewer jar file (CenteraViewer.jar) field, type the path to the .jar file you configured as described in Preparing EMC Centera for discovery and data collection.
    2. Select Use advanced settings to configure polling settings.
  15. Click Next.
  16. In Administration Web-Service Instance in the Reports window, select the Frontend host.
  17. Click Install.
    The SolutionPack installation begins.
  18. Click Ok once installation is complete.
    Performance data will displayed in about an hour.