SolutionPack for EMC Atmos

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This article explains how to install and configure the SolutionPack for EMC Atmos. The SolutionPack accesses system summary reports for Resource Management Groups (RMGs), as well as for the nodes being monitored within the RMGs. In addition, SolutionPack generates reports summarizing key storage parameters for the entire Atmos multi-tenant system.

This article applies to EMC ViPR SRM version 3.5.1.

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SolutionPack for EMC Atmos

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Technical specification

SolutionPack version

Compatible ViPR SRM version

Data collection methods

Atmos data can be accessed using the REST interface, so XML data collector will be used to pull out Atmos time series data. There are two main source of data:

  1. Atmos System Management API's
  2. Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform (ACDP) - an optional module.

Event Data from the Atmos system can be received using SNMP Traps. SNMP agent and the Watch4Net EPM server need to be configured in Atmos system to send traps. Alternatively, the traps can be sent to SMARTS platform and the data can be populated using Smarts Listener. This Solution pack is compatible with Atmos platform version and higher.

Main reports

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Installing the SolutionPack

Before you begin


  1. Log in.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click Centralized Management.
  4. Click SolutionPacks.
  5. Select SolutionPack Center.
  6. Select the SolutionPack for EMC Atmos in the Browse and Install SolutionPacks screen.
  7. Click Install.
    The steps below assume a typical four VM deployment.
  8. In the Select components to install window, in the Data Collection field select the Collector.
  9. In the Reports field, select the Primary Frontend.
  10. Select an item in the Data Collection field. If you select Add a new data collection, type information for the collected data.
  11. Select an item in the Alerting on data collection field. If you select Add a new Alerting on data collection, type information for the new alerting destination.
  12. Make a selection in the EMC Atmos field. If you select Add a new EMC Atmos, select Advanced Configuration to enter a polling frequency.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Click Install.
    The SolutionPack installation begins.
  15. Click Ok once installation is complete.
    Performance data will displayed in about an hour.
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