ViPR 2.1 - Update EMC ViPR Keystore

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Update EMC ViPR Keystore

EMC ViPR generates a self-signed certificate on startup, but you can generate a new self-signed certificate at Security > Keystore. If you want ViPR to use a CA-signed certificate, you can upload it here.

Any change to these properties causes ViPR to reboot.

Generate self-signed certificate

Check this option to instruct ViPR to generate a new self-signed certificate.

Private key and Certificate chain

If you have a certificate authority (CA-) signed certificate to upload, or you generated a self-signed certificate externally, upload the private key and certificate chain here. Both uploads are required.

Note the following requirements for the private key:

  • Must be an RSA Private Key.
  • The key length must be at least 2048 bits.