ViPR 2.2 - Create ViPR Projects

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This article describes how to create projects in ViPR. All file and block resources provisioned using ViPR, and all object data created in the ViPR object store, must be associated with a project. Projects are tenant resources and are created and managed by the Tenant Administrator of the tenant (or delegated to a Project Administrator). If you are using ViPR object storage, a project must exist for a tenant in order to perform object store configuration.

To understand the role of projects within ViPR and how to work with them, refer the following article:
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Create or edit a project

Projects can be created and edited from the ViPR UI at Tenant Settings > Projects

Before you begin


  1. Select Tenant Settings > Projects.
  2. Select Add, to create a new project, or click the project name to edit the project.
  3. Enter the name of the project.
  4. In the Owner field, enter the name of the project owner.
    This is the AD/LDAP name of the user. If you do not enter a name, you will be the project owner.
    The project owner should be a Project Administrator. This provides a way of allowing a project created by a Tenant Administrator to be delegated to a Project Administrator.
    If you are a Tenant Administrator, projects that you own cannot be administrated by Project Administrator unless you make them the owner.
    If you assign project ownership to a provisioning user, the user will not be able to perform administration at the UI.
  5. You can associate a quota with the project to limit the amount of storage provision for the project.
    1. Check the Enable Quota box
    2. In the Quota field, enter the maximum amount of storage that you want to allow.
  6. To assign project permissions to other users, select Add ACL.
    An ACL field is displayed allowing you enter a user or group name and assign a permission.
  7. Enter the name of a user or group and set the Type field to be consistent.
  8. Select the access permission for the user as either ALL or BACKUP.
    ALL permission allows users to provision resources that belong to a project and to run services against resources owned by a project. BACKUP allows a user to view the resources belonging to a project and perform data protection operations.
    More information on adding users and groups to an access control list is provided in:
  9. To add more users or groups, select Add ACL again.
    You can remove an ACL entry by clicking Remove.
  10. When you have added all ACL entries, click Save.
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