ViPR 2.2 - Set ViPR local user password policy

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Setting ViPR local user password policy

You can enforce a strong password policy for ViPR local users.

Before you begin

The password policy settings apply only to the ViPR local users, which are root, svcuser, proxyuser, and sysmonitor.

If you make no changes to these settings, the default ViPR password validation rules apply:
  • at least 8 characters (settable)
  • at least 1 lowercase
  • at least 1 uppercase
  • at least 1 numeric
  • at least 1 special character
  • no more than 3 consecutive repeating
  • at least change 2 characters (settable)
  • not in last 3 change iterations (settable)


  1. Select Settings > Configuration > Password.
  2. Enter values for the properties.
    Property Description
    Change interval The amount of time (in minutes) that a password must be in use before it can be changed. The value 0 allows changes immediately.
    Minimum length The minimum number of characters that a local user password can contain. The value 0 means password length validation will be skipped.
    Minimum number of characters to be changed The minimum number of characters that need be changed in a password. The value 0 means there is no minimum required.
    History rule The number of unique passwords that must be associated with a local user before an old password can be reused.
    Expire time The number of days that a password can be in use before ViPR requires a password change. Default is 0, which means password expiry is disabled.

    When enabling Expire Time, set a value larger than 14, to account for the grace period.

    Be sure to configure root and svcuser email (under username > Preferences) before enabling Expire Time, so that password expiration warning emails are received.
  3. Save.
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