Upgrade the OS and firmware on Commodity hardware

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Use this step-by-step procedure when you are notified by EMC that new operating system or new firmware software is required on ViPR Commodity nodes.

This article applies to EMC ViPR 2.0.

Perform the upgrade process one node at a time. You will need the SSH credentials and public IP address for each node you are upgrading.

The upgrade process includes the following tasks:

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Place a node in maintenance mode

Place a node in maintenance mode to inform the system that pending interactions need to complete and new interactions cannot begin while the node remains in maintenance mode. The node is now ready for service.

Before you begin

Verify that nodes with suspect or bad status are still reachable with an SSH session. If the node is not reachable, skip this procedure and proceed with service.

If a node is in suspect or bad status, and service or replacement of the node or its components is required, use the maintmode command. The command puts the node in maintenance mode, notifies the data fabric to finish pending interactions, and to ignore the node until it leaves maintenance mode.


  1. Start an SSH session with the node.
  2. Type the following:

    maintmode enter

  3. Wait while the command notifies the data fabric to finish all pending interactions with the node.
    When the data fabric notifies the command that all interactions are complete, the command then notifies you that the node is in maintenance mode. When you receive this notification, it is safe to perform the service operation.
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Perform the software upgrade


  1. Perform the operating system or firmware upgrade using the software instructions provided with the upgrade package.
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Leave Node Maintenance Mode

After you have completed your service action on the node, leave maintenance mode to allow the node to rejoin the system.


  1. In your SSH session with the node, type the following.

    maintmode leave

  2. Wait while the system reintegrates the node.
    The command notifies you that the node is in operational mode.