View Commodity logs



Commodity logs

Describes the logging function of a Commodity system.

This article applies to EMC ViPR 2.0.

Storage administrators can access the logs associated with Commodity services from the ViPR controller. The controller provides useful ways to filter and view the log data. You can also SSH into a node and access the logs.


View Commodity logs

Use the ViPR UI to view the content of logs for Commodity services.


  1. Access the System Logs page and select the Filter button.
    The System Logs Filter dialog appears.
  2. Under Service, select the log or logs you want to view.
    Select fabric_zk_agent, fabricapi, and sysagent to capture the main activity of the Commodity system.
  3. From the Level list, choose the information level you want to view.
  4. Optionally, use the To and > From controls to specify a date range.
  5. Optionally, use the Message control to look for log entries with certain text.
  6. Select Update.
    Browse the results on the System Logs page. Click the icon under the Level column to see details for a log entry.

Commodity log locations

Describes the location and content of Commodity service logs.

You can access Commodity logs directly by an SSH session on a node. Change to the following directory: /opt/storageos/logs/

Logs include: