ViPR 2.1 - Manage ViPR CAS Retention

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A CAS object can have a retention period that governs the length of time the object is retained in ViPR storage before an application can delete it. Retention is assigned at the object level by the external application, or at the CAS pool level by the ViPR Admin. This document explains how to set retention on objects in CAS pools and how to set the retention class parameters on a CAS cluster through the ViPR user interface.

The retention period for an object is based on the highest level of retention applied at the object or pool level. For example, if the application assigns a retention period of two years to an object, but the CAS pool has a retention period of 5 years for all objects in the pool, then the object gets retained for 5 years.

Retention is applied at the object and CAS pool levels as follows:

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This version of ViPR does not support some advanced retention features that the CAS SDK provides. See the ViPR Release Notes for a list of unsupported CAS SDK features.

Manage ViPR object retention on CAS pools and CAS clusters through the user interface as follows:

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Set retention on a CAS pool

The CAS object retention period for a CAS pool is set and edited by the ViPR Admin from the Edit CAS Pool page.


  1. Select Virtual Assets > Virtual CAS Clusters.
  2. To open the Edit CAS Pool page, click the Pools button on the far right of the CAS cluster that you are editing.
  3. Select the CAS pool that you are editing.
    The Edit CAS Pool page opens.
  4. Edit the Pool Mask and Retention Period as required.
    Enable the CAS pool retention period only if the application has not set a retention period of 0 on the CAS objects in the CAS pool. Most applications use a default retention period of 0 (no retention) which overrides the CAS pool retention.
  5. To save the edits and return to the CAS Pools page, click Save.
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Set the retention class on objects in a CAS cluster

The retention class parameters for CAS objects in a CAS cluster are edited by the ViPR Admin through the Edit CAS Cluster page.


  1. Select Virtual Assets > Virtual CAS Clusters.
  2. To open the Edit CAS Cluster select the CAS cluster from the list.
  3. The ViPR Admin manages object retention at the cluster level by providing a Retention Class Name and Value. Doing so applies that retention value to any CAS object in the CAS cluster that refers to the retention class.
  4. To save the edits click Save.


The CAS Clusters page displays the edited CAS cluster.

After you finish

To edit the CAS pools and CAS profiles associated with CAS clusters, select the CAS cluster name and select either Pools or Profiles.

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