Using ViPR with Existing Environments

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Use ViPR with existing environments

ViPR enables storage arrays to be added to a virtual data center and for their storage pools to be used as the target for block, file, and object storage provisioning operations. Where storage pools already host block volumes, or file systems, that were created outside ViPR, and are not currently managed by ViPR, ViPR provides mechanisms for bringing them under ViPR management.

This article applies to EMC ViPR 2.0.

The mechanism for bringing storage under ViPR control is referred to as ingestion.

Where you are using ViPR object storage, file system data can be ingested into ViPR as object data and accessed using the supported object protocols or as a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). ViPR also provides the ability to ingest volumes that are part of a VPLEX configuration, or that are protected using RecoverPoint (RP) or Symmetrix Remote Protection Facility (SRDF).

The way in which existing storage has been provisioned on an array affects the ability of ViPR to ingest block volumes or file systems from the array, and can affect future provisioning operations. The following table lists the import mechanisms that are provided and identifies any limitations.