ECS 2.1 – Obtain and upload a license file to the ECS Portal

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EMC ECS licensing is capacity-based.

At a minimum you need to obtain at least an ECS license and upload it to the appliance.

The Settings > License page provides additional details.

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Obtain the EMC ECS license file

You need to obtain the license file (.lic) from the EMC license management web site for uploading to ECS.

Before you begin

In order to obtain the license file, you must have the License Authorization Code (LAC), which was emailed from EMC.


  1. Go to
  2. Select Support > Service Center.
  3. Select Get and Manage Licenses.
  4. Select ECS from the list of products.
  5. On the LAC Request page, enter the LAC code and Activate.
  6. Select the entitlements to activate and Start Activation Process.
  7. Select Add a Machine to specify any meaningful string for grouping licenses.
    The "machine name" does not have to be a machine name at all; enter any string that will help you keep track of your licenses.
  8. Enter the quantities for each entitlement to be activated, or select Activate All. Click Next.
    If you are obtaining licenses for a multisite (geo) configuration, you should distribute the controllers as appropriate in order to obtain individual license files for each virtual data center.
  9. Optionally specify an addressee to receive an email summary of the activation transaction.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Click Save to File to save the license file (.lic) to a folder on your computer.
    This is the license file that is needed during initial setup of ECS, or when adding a new license later in the ECS Portal (Settings > Licensing).
  12. From the ECS Portal, select Settings > Licensing.
  13. Select Choose File, select your license file, and select Upload.
    The license display updates.
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