ECS 2.0 – Plan an installation

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Learn about the physical environment, data center, and multi-site requirements as well as the private management network topologies.

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Site preparation

Review the Site Preparation Guide to learn about the environmental requirements associated with the 40U-D cabinet used by the ECS Appliance.

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ECS installation readiness checklist

Review this list for the infrastructure components required for a successful installation.

An ECS appliance deployment consists of the following components:

SSH must be enabled on all nodes.

The following ports are opened and used by the installer:

See the Security Guide for the list of ports that must be open.

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Connecting ECS appliances in a single site

The ECS appliance management networks are connected together through the Nile Area Network. The NAN is created by connecting either port 51 or 52 to another turtle switch of another ECS appliance. Through these connections nodes from any segment can communicate to any other node in the NAN.

The simplest topology to connect the ECS appliances together does not require extra switch hardware. All the turtle switches can be connected together a linear or daisy chain fashion.

Linear or daisy-chain topology

In this topology, if there is a loss of connectivity a split-brain can occur.

Linear or daisy-chain split-brain

For a more reliable network, the ends of the daisy chain topology can be connected together to create a ring network. The ring topology is more stable because it would require two cable link breaks in the topology for a split-brain to occur. The primary drawback to the ring topology is that the RMM ports cannot be connected to the customer network unless an external customer or aggregation switch is added to ring.

Ring topology

The daisy-chain or ring topologies are not recommended for large installations. When there are four or more ECS appliances, an aggregation switch is recommended. The addition of an aggregation switch in a star topology can provide better fail over by reducing split-brain issues.

Star topology

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Multi-site requirements

When planning for a multi-site ECS installation, ensure these requirements are met:

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