ECS 2.1 – Monitor events: audit portal, API, and CLI events and system alerts

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About event monitoring

Describes the event monitoring functions of the ECS Portal.

The Events page under the Monitor menu displays:

Event data through the ECS Portal is limited to 5 days. If you need to keep event data for longer periods, consider using ViPR SRM.

See the following articles for information about other ECS Portal monitoring pages:

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Filter events by date and sort the results by column

Use the filter feature to narrow events to a specific date range and sort the results.


  1. Enter a beginning date in the From field and an ending date in the To field or select the calendar icons to pick the dates. Notice that the default entry in these fields is always the yesterday and today range.
  2. Select Filter.
  3. Select a column header to sort the data by User ID, Description, Namespace, or Timestamp in ascending order. Select the column again to change the sort to descending order.


Events display filtered by a date rang and sorted by User ID with descending order

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