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User Group


API for creating and manipulating user groups. So, that these groups can be used as groups in role-assignments, acl-assignments and also in tenant userMappings.

Resource Description
POST /vdc/admin/user-groups Creates an User Group
PUT /vdc/admin/user-groups/{id} Updates an User Group
GET /vdc/admin/user-groups All the active user group's URN will be returned.
GET /vdc/admin/user-groups/{id} The details of the active user group is returned.
DELETE /vdc/admin/user-groups/{id} The user group that matches the id will be deactivated.
POST /vdc/admin/user-groups/bulk List data of user group resources
PUT /vdc/admin/user-groups/{id}/tags Assign tags to resource
GET /vdc/admin/user-groups/{id}/tags List tags assigned to resource
GET /vdc/admin/user-groups/search Search API
GET /vdc/admin/user-groups/bulk List all instances of resource type
POST /vdc/admin/user-groups/bulk List data of specified resources