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Storage Provider


StorageProvider resource represents a thirdparty providers which are similar to SMIS Provider. Currently the only provider implemented are HDS and SMIS 1. Allows user to create/list StorageProvider managing block devices. 2. User can register and deactivate StorageProvider.

Resource Description
GET /vdc/storage-providers/{id} Show Storage provider
GET /vdc/storage-providers List Storage providers
POST /vdc/storage-providers/bulk List data of SMI-S provider resources
POST /vdc/storage-providers
POST /vdc/storage-providers/scan Scan Storage providers
POST /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/deactivate
PUT /vdc/storage-providers/{id} Update Storage provider
GET /vdc/storage-providers/deactivated-systems List zone role assignments
GET /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/storage-systems List Storage provider storage systems
PUT /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/storage-systems removes the storage system from the list of decommissioned systems and rescans the provider.
GET /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/storage-systems/{systemId} Show Storage provider storage system
GET /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/tasks List tasks for resource
GET /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/tasks/{op_id}/ Show task
PUT /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/tags Assign tags to resource
GET /vdc/storage-providers/{id}/tags List tags assigned to resource
GET /vdc/storage-providers/search Search API
GET /vdc/storage-providers/bulk List all instances of resource type
POST /vdc/storage-providers/bulk List data of specified resources