Block Snapshot Session

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API Reference

Block Snapshot Session


Service class that implements APIs on instances of BlockSnapshotSession.

Resource Description
POST /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/link-targets Link target volumes to a snapshot session.
POST /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/relink-targets Relink target volumes to snapshot sessions.
POST /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/unlink-targets Unlink target volumes from a snapshot session.
POST /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/restore Restore snapshot session to source
POST /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/deactivate Delete a block snapshot session.
GET /block/snapshot-sessions/{id} Get snapshot session details.
POST /block/snapshot-sessions/bulk Gets details for requested block snapshot sessions.
GET /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/tasks List tasks for resource
GET /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/tasks/{op_id}/ Show task
PUT /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/tags Assign tags to resource
GET /block/snapshot-sessions/{id}/tags List tags assigned to resource
GET /block/snapshot-sessions/search Search API
GET /block/snapshot-sessions/bulk List all instances of resource type
POST /block/snapshot-sessions/bulk List data of specified resources