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API Reference

Get Recent Workflows

GET /vdc/workflows/recent

Returns workflows created in the last specified number of minutes.

Query Parameters


Required Roles

Requires one of the following roles:


Response Body

Field Description Type Notes
<workflow>     0-* Elements
<completed> Boolean returns true if Workflow has completed. Boolean
<completion_message> Returns the completionMessage. This is the overall message indicating the completion status of the entire Workflow. String
<completion_state> Returns the Completion State as a String. These are values from Workflow.StepState. Typically SUCCESS or ERROR. String
<orchestration_controller_name> Returns the name or the Orchestration controller. This is used to find the controller in the Dispatcher. String
<orchestration_method> Returns the Orchestration Method. This is the Method that is creating the Workflow and its Steps. String
<orchestration_task_id> Returns the Orchestration task ID. This is generally the task ID passed down from the apisvc. String
<name> The name assigned to this resource in ViPR. The resource name is set by a user and can be changed at any time. It is not a unique identifier. String
<id> An identifier that is generated by ViPR when the resource is created. The resource ID is guaranteed to be unique and immutable across all virtual data centers for all time. URI
<link> A hyperlink to the details for this resource
<creation_time> A timestamp that shows when this resource was created in ViPR DateTime
<tags> Keywords and labels that can be added by a user to a resource to make it easy to find when doing a search.
<tag> String 0-* Elements
<inactive> Whether or not the resource is inactive. When a user removes a resource, the resource is put in this state before it is removed from the ViPR database. Boolean
<global> Boolean
<remote> Boolean
<id> ViPR ID of the related object URI
<link> A hyperlink to the related object
<internal> Whether or not the resource is an internal resource. Boolean