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API Reference



API for creating and manipulating tenants

Resource Description
GET /tenants/{id} Show tenant or subtenant
PUT /tenants/{id} Update tenant or subtenant
POST /tenants/{id}/subtenants Create subtenant
GET /tenants/{id}/subtenants List subtenants
POST /tenants/{id}/deactivate Delete subtenant
GET /tenants/{id}/role-assignments List tenant or subtenant role assignments
PUT /tenants/{id}/role-assignments Add or remove role assignments
POST /tenants/{id}/projects Create project
GET /tenants/{id}/projects List projects
GET /tenants/{id}/volume-groups List volume groups
POST /tenants/bulk List data of tenant resources
POST /tenants/{id}/hosts Create tenant host
GET /tenants/{id}/hosts List tenant hosts
POST /tenants/{id}/vcenters Create tenant vCenter
GET /tenants/{id}/vcenters List tenant vCenters
POST /tenants/{id}/clusters Create host cluster for tenant
GET /tenants/{id}/clusters List tenant clusters
GET /tenants/{id}/quota Show quota and available capacity
PUT /tenants/{id}/quota Updates quota and available capacity
POST /tenants/{id}/schedule-policies Create schedule policy
GET /tenants/{id}/schedule-policies List schedule policies
PUT /tenants/{id}/tags Assign tags to resource
GET /tenants/{id}/tags List tags assigned to resource
GET /tenants/search Search API
GET /tenants/bulk List all instances of resource type
POST /tenants/bulk List data of specified resources