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Quota Class


Resource Description
PUT /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/{quota_class_name} Update Quota class. If the quota class exists, then we update the quota class.
GET /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/{quota_class_name} This function loads the quota class details from the DB. For quota class attributes, which dont
GET /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/{id}/tasks List tasks for resource
GET /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/{id}/tasks/{op_id}/ Show task
PUT /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/{id}/tags Assign tags to resource
GET /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/{id}/tags List tags assigned to resource
GET /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/search Search API
GET /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/bulk List all instances of resource type
POST /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets/bulk List data of specified resources