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API Reference

Get Initiators Exports

GET /block/exports

Gets a list of ITLs for all the volumes and snapshots that are exported to a list of initiators.

This function is not designed for a very large number of initiators and performance is likely to be unsatisfactory if thousands of initiators are requested.

Query Parameters

initiatorsa comma-delimited list of initiators wwn or iqn.

Required Roles

This call has no restrictions.

Response Body

An object containing all ITLs for the initiators

Field Description Type Notes
<itl>     0-* Elements
<device> The storage device containing the targets.
<target> The Storage Port being used for access to the volume.
<initiator> An Initiator that is accessing the volume.
<name> The name of the resource String
<id> ViPR ID of the related object URI
<link> A hyperlink to the related object
<san_zone_name> A SAN zone name that maps the initiator to the target. Valid value: String name starting with alpha and containing alpha-number and underscore characters. String
<hlu> An integer value giving the Host Logical Unit number. Integer