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API Reference



Defines the API for making requests to the backup service.

Resource Description
GET /backupset/ List current backupsets info
GET /backupset/backup/ Get a specific backupset info
GET /backupset/external/ List current backup files on external server
GET /backupset/backup/info/ Get a specific backup info
POST /backupset/backup/ Create a backup set
DELETE /backupset/backup/ Delete a backup
POST /backupset/backup/upload/ Upload a backup
GET /backupset/backup/upload/ Get upload status
GET /backupset/download/ Download a specific backupset
POST /backupset/pull/ Download the backup file from the remote server
POST /backupset/pull/cancel Cancel the current downloading from the remote server
POST /backupset/restore/ Restore from the given backup
GET /backupset/restore/status Query the restore status of a backup