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API Changes : New Services

The following services have been added to the API in this release:

Name Context Description
Disaster Recovery /site APIs implementation to standby sites lifecycle management such as add-standby, remove-standby, failover, pause resume replication etc.
Schedule Policy /schedule-policies SchedulePolicyService resource implementation
Object Namespace /vdc/object-namespaces Object storage namespace implementation
Block Snapshot Session /block/snapshot-sessions Service class that implements APIs on instances of BlockSnapshotSession.
Volume Group /volume-groups/block APIs to view, create, modify and remove volume groups
Misc /v2/{tenant_id}
Export /v2/{tenant_id}/volumes
Qos /v2/{tenant_id}/qos-specs
Extension /v2
Consistency Group Snapshot /v2/{tenant_id}/cgsnapshots This class provides CRUD operations on consistency group snapshot
Quota /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-sets
Quota Class /v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-class-sets
Type /v2/{tenant_id}/types
Consistency Group /v2/{tenant_id}/consistencygroups This class provide consistency group CRUD service on openstack request.
Snapshot /v2/{tenant_id}/snapshots
IPSec /ipsec Web resource class for IPsec