Services Removed From the API

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API Changes : Removed Services

The following services have been removed from the API in this release:

Name Context Description
Project /projects Project resource implementation
File Virtual Pool /file/vpools
Task /vdc/tasks
IP Interface /compute/ip-interfaces Service providing APIs for host ipinterfaces.
Metering /metering
UnManaged Export Mask /vdc/unmanaged/export-masks
Authentication Provider /vdc/admin/authnproviders API for creating and manipulating authentication providers
Storage Tier /vdc/storage-tiers
vCenter Data Center /compute/vcenter-data-centers Service providing APIs for vcenterdatacenter.
Consistency Group /block/consistency-groups
Snapshot /block/snapshots
Compute Virtual Pool /compute/vpools
Protection System /vdc/protection-systems
Virtual Data Center Capacity /vdc/capacities
Block Virtual Pool /block/vpools
Unmanaged File System /vdc/unmanaged/filesystems
Monitoring /monitoring Monitoring event resource implementation
Tenants /tenants API for creating and manipulating tenants
Block Full Copy /block/full-copies
Object Virtual Pool /object/vpools
Network /vdc/networks Network service handles requests to create, update and remove a network.
File System /file/filesystems
Compute Image /compute/images Compute image service handles create, update, and remove of compute images.
Host /compute/hosts A service that provides APIs for viewing, updating and removing hosts and their interfaces by authorized users.
Auto Tiering /vdc/auto-tier-policies
Tenant /tenant class for resource to get current logged in tenant information
Compute Element /vdc/compute-elements
Migration /block/migrations Service used to manage resource migrations.
Cluster /compute/clusters A service that provides APIs for viewing, updating and deleting clusters.
UnManaged Volume /vdc/unmanaged
Fabric Manager /vdc/network-systems NetworkDevice resource implementation
Storage Port /vdc/storage-ports StoragePort resource implementation
Audit /audit Audit log resource implementation
SMIS Provider /vdc/smis-providers SMISProvider resource implemented to allow the user to perform the following activities. 1. Allows user to create/list SMISProvider managing block devices such as vnxfile, vmax. This information can be used to get the indications from block devices. 2. User can register and deregister SMISProvider. This class is deprecated class. Use /vdc/storage-providers instead of /vdc/smis-providers.
Bucket /object/buckets
File Quota Directory /file/quotadirectories
User Group /vdc/admin/user-groups API for creating and manipulating user groups. So, that these groups can be used as groups in role-assignments, acl-assignments and also in tenant userMappings.
Workflow /vdc/workflows API interface for a Workflow and WorkflowStep. This interface is read-only and returns historical information about Workflow execution.
Storage System /vdc/storage-systems
vCenter /compute/vcenters A service that provides APIs for viewing, updating and deleting vcenters and their data centers.
Volume /block/volumes
Virtual Nas /vdc/vnas-servers VirtualNasService resource implementation
Custom Config /config/controller APIs to view, create, modify and remove configs
Snapshot /file/snapshots
Initiator /compute/initiators Service providing APIs for host initiators.
Storage Provider /vdc/storage-providers StorageProvider resource represents a thirdparty providers which are similar to SMIS Provider. Currently the only provider implemented are HDS and SMIS 1. Allows user to create/list StorageProvider managing block devices. 2. User can register and deactivate StorageProvider.
Export /block/exports
Compute Image Server /compute/imageservers Service class responsible for serving rest requests of ComputeImageServer
Compute System /vdc/compute-systems ComputeSystemService manages the lifecycle of a Compute System and Compute Elements that belong to a ComputeSystem. Operations (Compute System): Get All Get/Fetch Create Update Delete Register/Unregister Operations (Compute Element): Get All
Virtual Data Center /vdc Resource for VirtualDataCenter manipulation
Storage Pool /vdc/storage-pools StoragePool resource implementation
Virtual Array /vdc/varrays VirtualArray service - create/list VirtualArrays, create/list transport zones in a VirtualArray.
Licensing /license Defines the API for making requests to the log service.
Call Home /callhome/
Control /control/ Control service is used to restart a service on a specified node reboot a node
Backup /backupset/ Defines the API for making requests to the backup service.
Upgrade /upgrade/
Health Monitor /monitor Class that provides REST API for node(and its services) health and statistics.
Configuration /config/
Password /password This REST API allows an authenticated local user to: - making request to change the user's own password. - If the authenticated user is with security admin role, making request to set another local user's password.
Logs /logs/ Defines the API for making requests to the log service.
Trust Store Resource /vdc/truststore A resource for truststore related requests
User Info /user user information resource
Order /catalog/orders
Execution Window /catalog/execution-windows
Catalog Category /catalog/categories
Catalog Preference /catalog/preferences
Catalog Service /catalog/services
User Preference /user/preferences
Approval /catalog/approvals
Catalog Image /catalog/images
Asset Option /catalog/asset-options
Service Descriptor /catalog/service-descriptors
Authentication / Main resource class for all authentication api
Asset Options /api
Schema /api
Catalog /api
Setup /api
Execution Windows /api
Approvals /api
Orders /api