Methods added in the API

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Added Methods

The following methods have been added in this release:

Service Resource Description
Backup GET /backupset/backup/ Get a specific backupset info
Backup POST /backupset/backup/upload/ Upload a backup
Backup GET /backupset/backup/upload/ Get upload status
Consistency Group POST /block/consistency-groups/{id}/protection/continuous-copies/swap reversing roles of source and target
Consistency Group POST /block/consistency-groups/{id}/protection/continuous-copies/failover Failover the protection link
Consistency Group POST /block/consistency-groups/{id}/protection/continuous-copies/failover-cancel fail back to source again
File System GET /file/filesystems/{id}/acl
File System PUT /file/filesystems/{id}/acl Update file system ACL
File System DELETE /file/filesystems/{id}/acl
Migration POST /block/migrations/{id}/deactivate Delete a committed or cancelled migration.
Snapshot POST /block/snapshots/{id}/expose Expose snapshot as a volume.