Methods added in the API

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Added Methods

The following methods have been added in this release:

Service Resource Description
Configuration DELETE /config/login-failed-ips/{ip}
Configuration GET /config/login-failed-ips
Consistency Group POST /block/consistency-groups/{id}/protection/snapshots/{sid}/resynchronize Resynchronize consistency group snapshot
Project PUT /projects/{id}/assign-vnas-servers Assign VNAS Servers to a project
Project PUT /projects/{id}/unassign-vnas-servers Unassigns VNAS servers from project
Snapshot POST /block/snapshots/{id}/resynchronize Resynchronize snapshot
Snapshot POST /block/snapshots/{id}/start
Storage System GET /vdc/storage-systems/{id}/vnasservers List storage system virtual nas servers
Volume POST /block/volumes/protection/addJournalCapacity Add journal volume(s) to the exiting recoverpoint CG copy
vCenter POST /compute/vcenters Creates a vCenter.
vCenter GET /compute/vcenters Lists vCenters.
vCenter GET /compute/vcenters/{id}/acl Shows vCenter Access Control List
vCenter PUT /compute/vcenters/{id}/acl Updates vCenter Access Control List