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Get SMIS Provider

GET /vdc/smis-providers/{id}
This call has been deprecated and will be removed in future versions

This call allows user to fetch SMI-S Provider details such as provider host access credential details.

idthe URN of a ViPR SMIS-Provider

Required Roles

Requires one of the following roles:


Response Body

SMIS-Provider details.

Field Description Type Notes
<connection_status> Status of the connection. String Valid Values:
<description> Information relevant to the SMIS provider software. String
<ip_address> SMIS provider's IP address. String
<manufacturer> Name of the manufacturer. String
<port_number> The port number used to connect with the SMIS provider, typically 5988 or 5989. Integer
<provider_id> A combination of the provider's IP address and the port number, used as an ID. String
<storage_system>     0-* Elements
<id> ViPR ID of the related object URI
<link> A hyperlink to the related object
<user_name> Login credential at the provider. String
<use_ssl> Whether or not secure SSL connection is used. Boolean Valid Values:
  •  true
  •  false
<version_string> SMIS provider software revision number. String
<job_scan_status> Status of the provider scan job. String Valid Values:
  •  ERROR
<last_scan_status_message> Status message from the last scan. String
<last_scan_time> Time the last scan occurred. Long
<next_scan_time> Time for which the next scan job is scheduled. Long
<success_scan_time> The latest timestamp when the system run scanning successfully Long
<registration_status> Registration status of the provider String Valid Values:
<compatibility_status> Whether or not the provider software is compatible with ViPR. String Valid Values:
<name> The name assigned to this resource in ViPR. The resource name is set by a user and can be changed at any time. It is not a unique identifier. String
<id> An identifier that is generated by ViPR when the resource is created. The resource ID is guaranteed to be unique and immutable across all virtual data centers for all time. URI Valid Values:
  •  urn:storageos:resource-type:UUID:
<link> A hyperlink to the details for this resource
<creation_time> A timestamp that shows when this resource was created in ViPR DateTime Valid Values:
  •  YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ
<tags> Keywords and labels that can be added by a user to a resource to make it easy to find when doing a search.
<tag> String 0-* Elements
<inactive> Whether or not the resource is inactive. When a user removes a resource, the resource is put in this state before it is removed from the ViPR database. Boolean Valid Values:
  •  true
  •  false
<global> Boolean
<remote> Boolean
<id> ViPR ID of the related object URI
<link> A hyperlink to the related object
<internal> Whether or not the resource is an internal resource. Boolean Valid Values:
  •  true
  •  false



Content-Type: application/xml
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
       <link href="/vdc/smis-providers/urn:storageos:SMISProvider:e22526e3-3f81-4e5c-b94c-d8517447f5af:" rel="self"/>
       <description>Linux samplesmis 2.6.32-279.5.2.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Aug 14 11:36:39 EDT 2012 x86_64 VM Guest OS (64bit Libraries)</description>
       <last_scan_status_message>Scan job completed successfully for SMISProvider: urn:storageos:SMISProvider:e22526e3-3f81-4e5c-b94c-d8517447f5af:</last_scan_status_message>
       <manufacturer>EMC Corp</manufacturer>
                 <link href="/vdc/storage-systems/urn:storageos:StorageSystem:2b020f96-5ad1-48fb-a071-eb158b4f711d:" rel="self"/>
                 <link href="/vdc/storage-systems/urn:storageos:StorageSystem:b03f9168-a7c8-49e1-a395-9d23a9999617:" rel="self"/>