File System:Get File System Export List

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Get File System Export List

GET /file/filesystems/{id}/exports
This call has been deprecated and will be removed in future versions

List file system exports

idthe URN of a ViPR File system

Required Roles

Requires one of the following roles:


Response Body

File system exports list.

Field Description Type Notes
<filesystem_export>     0-* Elements
<type> Security type for the file export String Valid Values:
  •  sys = Default UNIX security
  •  krb5 = Kerberos security option
  •  krb5i = Kerberos security option
  •  krb5p = Kerberos security option
<comments> Description of the operation String
<permissions> Permissions for the file export String Valid Values:
  •  ro = read only
  •  rw = read and write
  •  root = full permission
<root_user> User with root permissions String Valid Values:
  •  root = only root has special access permissions
  •  nobody = nobody has special access permissions
<protocol> File system export protocol. String Valid Values:
  •  CIFS = Common Internet File System
  •  NFS = Network File System
<mount_point> The path representing the point in the file system where the file share being exported is mounted. String
<endpoint> String 0-* Elements
<sub_directory> The specific sub-directory under the file system that is being exported. If sub-directory is "null", entire file system is exported. String