New Services In the API

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API Changes : New Services

The following services have been added to the API in this release:

Name Context Description
Storage Provider /vdc/storage-providers StorageProvider resource represents a thirdparty providers which are similar to SMIS Provider. Currently the only provider implemented are HDS and SMIS 1. Allows user to create/list StorageProvider managing block devices. 2. User can register and deactivate StorageProvider.
Custom Config /config/controller APIs to view, create, modify and remove configs
Compute Virtual Pool /compute/vpools
Task /vdc/tasks
File Quota Directory /file/quotadirectories
User Group /vdc/admin/user-groups API for creating and manipulating user groups. So, that these groups can be used as groups in role-assignments, acl-assignments and also in tenant userMappings.
Compute Element /vdc/compute-elements
Compute System /vdc/compute-systems ComputeSystemService manages the lifecycle of a Compute System and Compute Elements that belong to a ComputeSystem. Operations (Compute System): Get All Get/Fetch Create Update Delete Register/Unregister Operations (Compute Element): Get All
Compute Image /compute/images Compute image service handles create, update, and remove of compute images.
UnManaged Export Mask /vdc/unmanaged/export-masks
Block Full Copy /block/full-copies
Logs /logs/ Defines the API for making requests to the log service.
Backup /backupset/ Defines the API for making requests to the backup service.
Licensing /license Defines the API for making requests to the log service.
Upgrade /upgrade/
Control /control/ Control service is used to restart a service on a specified node reboot a node
Health Monitor /monitor Class that provides REST API for node(and its services) health and statistics.
Configuration /config/
Call Home /callhome/
Password /password This REST API allows an authenticated local user to: - making request to change the user's own password. - If the authenticated user is with security admin role, making request to set another local user's password.
Trust Store Resource /vdc/truststore A resource for truststore related requests
Asset Option /catalog/asset-options
Order /catalog/orders
Approval /catalog/approvals
Catalog Image /catalog/images
Catalog Category /catalog/categories
Execution Window /catalog/execution-windows
Catalog Preference /catalog/preferences
Service Descriptor /catalog/service-descriptors
Catalog Service /catalog/services
User Preference /user/preferences
Setup /api