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Get San Zones

GET /vdc/network-systems/{id}/san-fabrics/{fabricId}/san-zones

Returns a list of the active zones (and their zone members) for the specified fabric or VSAN in a network system. E.g., ../san-fabrics/{fabric-id}/san-zones?zone-name="abc-zone"&exclude-members=true Note: This is a synchronous call to the device and may take a while to receive a response.

idthe URN of a ViPR network system.
fabricIdThe name of the VSAN or fabric as returned by

Query Parameters

zone-name- only returns zone with zone name matched the given name. Return all zones, if not specified.
exclude-members- true, do not include members with zone. Include members, if not specified.

Required Roles


Response Body

A list of the active zones and their members. If zone name is specified, and there is a match, then only one zone is returned. If excludeMembers is true, then only zone name is present.

Field Description Type Notes
<san_zone>     0-* Elements
<name> The zone name. String Valid Values:
  •  A name starting with an alpha character and consisting of alpha-numberic characters and underscores.
<member>     0-* Elements
<wwn> String
<alias> String