Custom Config:Get Custom Config Type

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Get Custom Config Type

GET /config/controller/types/{config_name}

Show config type.


Required Roles

Requires one of the following roles:


Response Body

The config type data.

Field Description Type Notes
<name> The name of the config type String
<scope>     0-* Elements
<type> The scope type String Valid Values:
  •  systemType
  •  global
<value> The scope value String 0-* Elements
<variable>     0-* Elements
<display_name> The name of the variable String
<sample_value> The sample value of the variable String
<recommended> Whether or not this variable is recommended to be used when constructing the config value Boolean Valid Values:
  •  true
  •  false
<type> The data type of the config value String
<rule> String 0-* Elements
<config_type> The configType of the config value. Current values can be {@code CustomName} or {@code SimpleValue}. String