Methods Changed in Volume

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Modified Methods in Volume

The following methods have been added to Volume service in this release:

Resource Description
POST /block/volumes/{id}/protection/full-copies/{pid}/activate Activate full copy
POST /block/volumes/{id}/protection/full-copies/{pid}/check-progress Show full copy synchronization progress
POST /block/volumes/{id}/protection/full-copies/{pid}/detach Detach full copy
POST /block/volumes/{id}/expand Expand volume capacity
GET /block/volumes/{id} Show volume
POST /block/volumes/{id}/deactivate Delete volume
POST /block/volumes/deactivate Delete multiple volumes
GET /block/volumes/{id}/protection/continuous-copies/{mid} Show continuous copy
PUT /block/volumes/{id}/vpool Change the virtual pool for a volume.
PUT /block/volumes/{id}/varray Change the virtual array for the specified volume.
GET /block/volumes/{vid}/protection/protection-sets/{id} Show protection set
GET /block/volumes/{id}/tasks/{op_id}/ Show task
POST /block/volumes/bulk List data of specified resources