Transformation:Get Incomplete Enumeration Results

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Get Incomplete Enumeration Results

GET /object/transformation/{transformationId}/centera/incompleteEnumerationResults

ECS enumerates objects in the Centera legacy storage using the Centera SDK Query API. The overall time frame of the objects stored in Centera is split into several shorter ones which are processed simultaneously by different ECS nodes. ECS keeps track of time ranges for which Centera SDK Query results were incomplete (error or abort as well) and fetches them through this call. Response contains a list of pairs indicating start and end of problematic time range. Number of entries in the response list is limited and token value is returned to fetch next portion of incomplete ranges.

transformationIdTransformation ID for which report will be retrieved.

Query Parameters


Required Roles

Requires one of the following roles:




The following conditions must be met in order to call this operation.

  • Transformation must exist.

  • Transformation enumeration must have ended.

Response Body

Reply contains Centera incomplete results of enumeration. List of incomplete time ranges could be omitted in case a source were not enumerated entirely.

Field Description Type Notes
<transformation_id> ID of this transformation URI
<incomplete_ranges>     0-* Elements
<from> Start time of Centera incomplete enumeration range Long
<to> End time of Centera incomplete enumeration range Long
<source_id> Source ID for transformation incomplete enumeration String
<token> Token for retrieving next results of Centera incomplete enumeration String