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Handle Options


Sends a pre-flight request to determine whether an actual request with the specified origin, HTTP method and headers can be sent.

URL Format

Host Style: http://bucketname.ns1.emc.com/
Path Style: http://ns1.emc.com/bucketname/

Request Headers

Origin requiredIndicates the origin of the cross-origin request or pre-flight request
Access-Control-Request-Method requiredIndicates the HTTP method that will be used in the actual request
Access-Control-Request-Headers optionalComma separated list of HTTP headers which will be sent in the actual request


The following conditions must be met in order to call this operation.

  • BaseUrl used in a host-style request URL should be pre-configured using the ECS Management API or the ECS Portal (for example, emc.com in the URL: bucketname.ns1.emc.com).

  • Namespace corresponding to this bucket should exist

  • CORS sub-resource must be enabled on the bucket

Request Payload

No Request Payload

Response Headers

Access-Control-Allow-Origin optionalOrigin sent in the pre-flight request. If the origin is not allowed then this header will not be included in the response
Access-Control-Max-Age optionalAmount of time, in seconds, that the browser can cache the results of the pre-flight request
Access-Control-Allow-Methods optionalHTTP method sent in the pre-flight request. If the method is not allowed, this header will not be included in the response
Access-Control-Allow-Headers optionalComma-separated list of HTTP headers that the browser can send in the request. If the headers specified in the pre-flight request are not allowed, this header will not be included in the response
Access-Control-Expose-Headers optionalComma-separated list of HTTP headers, which the client application can access in response to the actual request

Response Body

Response indicating Success or Failure for this operation.