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Set Properties

PUT /config/object/properties/

Sets the configuration properties for the system.

Properties are:
user-scope: defines whether user accounts should be treated as GLOBAL or NAMESPACE.

  • In GLOBAL scope, users are global and are can be shared across namespaces. In this case, the default namespace associated with a user determines the namespace for object operations and there is no need to supply a namespace for an operation.

  • If the user scope is NAMESPACE, a user is associated with a namespace, so there might be more than user with the same name, each associated with a different namespace. In NAMESPACE mode a namespace must be provided for every operation. Must be set before the first user is created.

The default setting is GLOBAL.

Required Roles



The following conditions must be met in order to call this operation.

  • Cluster state should be STABLE

  • "user_scope" always exists and is set to default value

Request Payload

All parameters are required unless otherwise stated.

Field Description Type Notes
<properties> Configuration properties for the given category
<properties> Map

Response Body

Response indicating Success or Failure to update configuration properties



Content-Type: application/xml

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml