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Get Registered Applications

GET /object/user-cas/applications/{namespace}

Gets the CAS registered applications for a specified namespace.

namespaceNamespace required to get CAS registered applications

Required Roles

Requires one of the following roles:





The following conditions must be met in order to call this operation.

  • Namesapace should exist

Response Body

List of CAS registered applications for the specific namespace

Field Description Type Notes
<cas_registered_application>     0-* Elements
<application_id> Application ID. Can be set via CAS API. May be empty. String
<application_version> Application version. Can be set via CAS API. May be empty. String
<sdk_version> SDK version used by application to connect to CAS head. String
<hostname> Hostname of the client used to access CAS head. String
<profile> Profile name used to access CAS head String
<os> Operation system of the client String
<authentications> Number of authentications for this app registration entry Integer
<first_authentication> Timestamp of the first authentication Long
<latest_authentication> Timestamp of the latest authentication Long